Saturday, 2 October 2010

Kate Nash on her feminist Postcard - Auction Monday 4th Oct!

Here's a great quote from Kate on her reasons for wanting to take part in the auction. Gotta love her.

'More people should be aware of the fact that feminism is a good thing,
it isn't discriminative or a bad word, if you believe in equality
between the sexes then you're a feminist, you are not a feminazi,
dyke, granny or bitch. My postcard is an album cover for my yet to be
released new record. The record I'll sell when I feel like selling
myself as a musician, smart, opinionated & creative person isn't
enough. That actually as a woman, I can utilise my body & dumb down to
help sell more records & become the dream that is 'non offensive
generic pop music' & essentially wank material. Sex sells, it's never
been more aparent than today. You can apply to the x factor, appear in
3 episodes, fail the audition & still make a short lived career for
yourself if you wear the right amount of clothing. The charts are made
up of the songs you hear on tv ads & friendly phone companies are
pioneers in the music industry. A confusing day & age for a little
girl in a big bad world. Tips for the future ladies: Art will always
be remembered & intelligence is empowerment.'

Auction is Monday guys! Get tickets here

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